Affordable Solar Geyser Installation in Polokwane

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Solar Geyser Installation

Many people are moving towards Solar power, and especially when it comes to a solar geyser installation. In South Africa we are blessed with ample sunshine and harnessing this for our power needs is vital to a more sustainable future. All new homes are now built with some form of alternative power source for the water heating needs – this can be gas or a solar geyser installation. The installation of a solar geyser is unfortunately more expensive than conventional geysers – but if done correctly it pays for itself in the long run. Have you ever wondered how solar water heating works? We will explore that question and hopefully encourage you to contact our solar geyser Polokwane specialists for more information.

The basic understanding needed for how a solar geyser installation works is the concept of convection. Convection is a description of what happens to water or air when it gets hot – it rises. In a solar geyser installation, the water in the panels heat up and rise into a storage tank situated about where the solar panels are. As this hot water rises and moves to the top of the tank, so it displaces the colder water at the bottom of the tank which is then moved into the cylinders where it can get heated again. This constant circular motion is what we call convection and it is how the water in a solar geyser installation gets hot. If, however the solar panels or pipes are higher up than the storage tank then a pump is required to keep the water moving through the heating and storage spaces.

Since this requires no coal-based electricity it is an extremely easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and create green energy. If you consider that forty to sixty percent of your household’s electricity is used to heat water this is a large saving.

Affordable Solar Geyser Installation in Polokwane

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There are two different ways in which a solar geyser installation will be connected to your home. The direct way is good for all areas in South Africa where there is no frost. This water, as stated above, is then heated directly in the pipes and then either via convection or because of a pump it will move in the storage section of the solar geyser and the colder water will take its place to be heated again.

And indirect attachment to your home is important in areas where there is frost. Freezing water in solar pipes can cause a great deal of damage to your expensive solar geyser installation. With the indirect method the pipes are filled with antifreeze and this is what gets heated. The antifreeze them moves into a secondary space where it heats the water (but never mixes with it as that would be dangerous!).

There are many pros and cons to a solar geyser installation. What is often not said is that if there is insufficient sunlight this can affect the heat of your water. It is therefore important to invest in some form of battery storage for the solar power, so that there is always power available to heat water when you need it. It is also more expensive but will save money in the long run and make your house more marketable should you want to sell. Speak to your solar geyser Polokwane plumber specialists today for more information.

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Affordable Solar Geyser Installation in Polokwane