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Leak detection is one of the primary jobs of a leak detection plumber. When water is found to be standing, dripping or gushing out of a pipe – the leak detection Polokwane specialists are needed. Sometimes the source of the leak is obvious; taps and shower heads can be seen leaking; toilets can be heard if they keep running and a massive pipe burst will create a lot of chaos but will often be obvious in terms of where its coming from. Other leaks are much more subtle. When we simply find water on the floors, or puddles appearing in the garden. Sometimes we only know we have a leak because our water bill is suddenly much higher than usual, and our usage hasn’t changed. At these times it is important to get a leak detection specialist in to determine where the problem lies.

There are a couple of leak detection techniques that are used to find the problem area in the pipes. Current methods used by leak detection plumbers are; conducting closed-circuit camera inspections of the interior of water pipes, acoustic signal detection, monitoring of the water pressure and the flow data and finally infrared thermal imaging. This article will explain each of these leak detection techniques in slightly more detail.

The most obvious beginning point for a reliable Polokwane plumber is to do a visual inspection. There is no need to use fancy techniques and equipment. The leak is visible to the naked eye and easy to assess and fix. Before the technology was developed this was the only method used by workers and plumbers. As pipes were buried under ground this would sometimes mean digging up meters of pipeline to try find the problem.

Affordable Leak Detection in Polokwane

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Infrared Thermal Imaging was developed all the way back in the 1800s. It was only used for plumbing purposes sometime in the mid-1900s. The basic way in which this works is that thermal imaging can pick up changes in temperature in the walls of the house, and where there is an obvious drop in temperate, it can be due to there being standing water. In this way the plumber can determine where the leak is coming from. With the invention of digital technology – this can be done in an even simpler way using digital photos.

Small cameras on long snakes can be used to conduct a closed-circuit camera inspection of pipes. This is a highly effective form of leak detection as a camera is inserted into the pipe and can show where there is damage and there is even now technology that allows plumbers to fix the problem without digging up the pipes. These are called “trenchless” methods.

The acoustic signal detection is a method where the sound of leaking water can be heard by a person using a topophone. This can then pinpoint the area of the leak and allow the plumber to fix it. The one problem with this technique is that a baseline for sound is required before there is a leak. It is for this reason that this method is most commonly used for leak detection in large buildings or corporations where a baseline is recorded and kept for future use.

Leak detection is a specialised field. Call plumber Polokwane today if you suspect that your pipes are leaking.

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Affordable Leak Detection in Polokwane