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When is it important to get your geyser repair plumber in? What are the signs of a geyser being in trouble or something being broken? Is It worth attempting a geyser repair yourself? Read further for all you need to know about the geyser repair issues you might have.

Firstly, what are the signs your geyser is broken? Well firstly and most obviously if your water is not being heated, there is something wrong with your geyser. There are a few things you can check first. If lots of people have been using hot water and you have an electrical or solar geyser, it is possible that your hot water has simply run out. In this case, wait for about forty-five minutes and try again. That should be long enough for the geyser to heat the water that has just filled it. Alternatively, if your power has been off, it could be the same problem. Finally check that the geyser hasn’t tripped. If it has, try switch it back on, on the electrical panel and again wait for forty-five minutes. If it trips again or the water is still not heated it is important to call for a geyser repair.

The second problem is the opposite of the first. If the water coming out your geyser is boiling hot, this could mean that the thermostat is malfunctioning or that the elements are over-working. Sometimes the elements in the geyser (there is one at each end) get covered in a mineral deposit and this can cause it to work too hard to try and achieve the same amount of heating. It is also possible that you may hear the water in the geyser boiling. When this happens, it is important to call for a geyser repair. This is not something you can fix yourself. If left the water can cause severe burns and if it is the thermostat that is malfunctioning or because of mineral deposits, it can cause further damage like the burning out of the elements – and this will accrue unnecessary costs to fix.

Affordable Geyser Repair in Polokwane

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If there is something wrong with the electric wiring or the thermostat, if there is any potential threat at all, the geyser is designed to trip, and in worse case scenarios, trip the entire house. This is to try and prevent any shocks or electrocution from exposed wiring mixing with water etc. It is a safety feature built into most electronic equipment these days. Therefore, if your geyser is tripping your power – it means something is wrong. The Geyser Repair plumber will be able to correctly assess the problem using the correct equipment – and will be able to safely repair the damage. It is far safer in this case to rather call for Geyser Repair Polokwane specialists than attempt to diagnose or repair the situation yourself.

It is almost never worth attempting a Do-it-yourself fix when it comes to geysers. There are too many factors to consider and to be able to assess correctly without the proper training. It can also be very dangerous as our geysers use both water and electricity which can be a deadly combination. The one thing you can do, is ensure that your thermostat is set to the correct temperature. This is normally between fifty and seventy degrees Celsius. The lower the setting on your geyser, the more electricity you save. A lower setting with also prolong the life of your geyser.

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Affordable Geyser Repair in Polokwane