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Getting a geyser installation costs a lot of money and because you want it to be done right first time, you need to make sure that the geyser installation plumber advises you on the correct kind of geyser for your needs. There are several things to consider when deciding on the right kind of geyser. The geyser installation Polokwane specialists are the best people to advise you on what decision to make but here are a few early decisions you can make.

The size of the geyser installation depends on your hot water needs. A geyser in an office block is going to be used very differently to a geyser in a home or a geyser in a hotel. Within an office complex, going for the smallest geyser is often recommended because it is unlikely you will need the amount of water needed for a bath or shower. It is normally just hot water for cleaning – a very small need.

In a home generally you need around fifty litres of hot water per person using it. So, in a four-person household, it would be advisable to have a two hundred litre geyser installation. This stays the same with solar powered heating, but with a gas geyser you can get away with a much smaller geyser as the water isn’t kept hot but rather heated as it is used.

Affordable Geyser Installation in Polokwane

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It is important to decide on the kind of geyser you want to install. Legislation now states that fifty per cent of your water heating needs to come from a renewable source. This means that when you consider a geyser installation you need to at least have some of your heating coming from gas or solar heating. Most people use solar heating if it is possible. Solar heating is more expensive to install but if used correctly can earn its worth back in a few years or usage. If you are wanting to go exclusively with a solar geyser it would be wise to consider some form of power storage such as batteries so that power is available even when the sun is not shining.

A gas geyser is a good idea if you have lots of people in a household and you need unlimited hot water. Because a gas geyser installation heats water as you use it, it means that the hot water never runs out. In dormitories or hotels or large homes this can be very useful.

Finally, you need to consider the placement and how much space you have for your geyser. While it is unsightly and you don’t want it sitting in the middle of your lounge, you also don’t want it to be so difficult to get to that if there is a problem its almost impossible for the plumber to get to it. There are also different considerations for placements depending if you want an electrical geyser installation, a gas installation or a solar installation. The size of your geyser will also be a factor.

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Affordable Geyser Installation in Polokwane