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No one likes to call an emergency plumber. It means that something has gone wrong with your plumbing and it is not something that can wait. It is for this reason that the emergency Plumber Polokwane is available twenty-four hours a day. There are many plumbing needs that can wait until Monday morning – general maintenance, strange noises or smells, or even a faucet or showerhead that wont stop dripping. There are however those things, that even if it is Christmas eve, need to be attended to immediately. These are the top call outs the emergency plumber receives.

Burst pipes are the most common reason our emergency plumber gets called. The amount of water you can lose through a burst water pipe is astronomical – and this can cause great damage to your furniture and house infrastructure. Water that pools is also dangerous if it comes into contact with wiring, as a slipping hazard, as a breeding ground for bacteria, and if you have little ones – an infant can drown in as little as three centimetres of water. If a pipe is burst and spewing water – call the emergency plumber right away.

Blocked toilets can cause a great deal of mess and can smell. It also means that your toilet is unusable until the problem has been fixed. In a one toilet home, this can cause a great deal of problems. It is unwise to try and unblock it yourself as this can do damage to the pipes and system. Rather call for the emergency plumber, and while it may cots a little more, it ensures that your problem is dealt with efficiently and thoroughly.

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A blocked sink can cause trouble especially if the water is backing up through the plug. If this is in your kitchen it is extremely unhygienic and can cause multiple problems for the counter tops around the sink area. Standing water can cause these counter-tops to swell and if the damage is severe enough, they might need to be replaced at a much higher cost. A blocked sink is a good reason to call for the Emergency plumber in Polokwane.

A running toilet doesn’t need to be a middle of the night emergency, but because of the hundreds of litres that will be lost, and the cost added to your water bill it is not feasible to leave it more than a day. If the toilet starts running on a Friday night, rather call the emergency plumber to come through on the Saturday to deal with the issue than to leave it until Monday. By then you will have an exceedingly high-water bill, much higher than was originally anticipated.

Sewerage backing up because of a blocked pipe somewhere is also a good reason to be calling your emergency plumber in. Sewerage that spills out somewhere or into your garden not only smells dreadful but is also a health hazard for the family, especially where you have young children or pets.

No matter what your needs are the emergency plumber in Polokwane is available all day and night to attend any emergency you may have.

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